Add the ability to forward email in MailCatcher

Haven't updated the blog for a few days. It is very busy these days, in the Agile software development. It's very good software development process. The good thing is everyone is very involved. We all want to be valuable for the team.

OK, let's get into the topic. Add the ability to forward email in MailCatcher


This is the github repository.

Running from the source code

We now have the source code. The next step is to edit the source code and test it locally. As we will see the source code, it's suppose to execute as a gem. So we will need to pack it as a gem and install it

gem build mailcatcher.gemspec
gem install mailcatcher-0.5.12.gem

Then run mailcatcher in the terminal to start it, now, visit localhost:1080, MailCatcher is there!

The key points

  • not windows? is definitely needed, otherwise in windows we will get exception.
  • in application.js, it uses ajax to send a request to /messages/:id/:recipient/deliver
  • the request will be handled in web.rb
  • web.rb is called DeliveryService